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Goram was a groom at Porifors who cared for Lord Illvin while he was disabled from supplying Arhys with soul-stuff. He appeared to be somewhat lack-witted. Goram served Illvin in several roles as needed ever since Illvin ransomed him from the Roknari in Jokona some three years before the opening of Paladin of Souls. He had little memory of his time before Illvin found him, though he remembered it as painful. He was grateful and loyal to Illvin.

Goram was a short, bow-legged man with a grizzled beard. He had gray eyes.

Goram conceived the idea that Ista's kiss might re-awaken Illvin from his sleep, as a she was a royina and a princess (Umerue) had caused his state.

Before his capture by the Roknari, Goram was know as Goram dy Hixar. dy Hixar was a captain of horse in the service of Dondo dy Jironal in Orico's army during a battle against the prince of Borasnen around Gotorget. While a prisoner, dy Hixar was used by Joen to house a demon intended to be placed in Sordso, to gain his skills in swordsmanship and horsemanship. Goram survived Joen's extraction of the demon, but his soul-stuff was left tattered and he was left with little memory of his previous life.

When Ista removed the demon from Sordso, she identified part of the memories as Goram's. She was able to hold those until she returned them to Goram the following day. This restored Goram's full wits, including the memories of his actions as a bravo and murderer for Dondo. He regretted that behavior, and Ista asked him to be her master of horse in her travels for the Bastard.