"A long and typical career of a noble Temple-man lay behind him, by no means unhonorable; if he favored his kin, he equally ensured that they disgorged a steady return of favors to the Temple."
―Ingrey considers Archdivine Fritine[src]
Archdivine Fritine kin Boarford is the archdivine of Easthome at the time of The Hallowed Hunt, a position he has held for seven years. In that position he is an archdivine-ordainer who will elect the next hallow king. Fritine is an uncle of the present twin earls Boarford, and has connections to kin Hawkmoor and kin Foxbriar on his mother's side. He was dedicated to Temple service as his many older brothers made made a high place in his kin lands unlikely.

Fritine has a distaste for the uncanny, such as Ingrey kin Wolfcliff's spirit animal, and claims of direct interactions with the gods. He is a strong political figure in the Temple and in the high court, and has a reasonable working relationship with sealmaster Hetwar.

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The Hallowed Hunt