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"I'd been raised by my father, who is a prudent, cautious man, always looking for men's hidden, selfish motivations. No one can cheat him. But I've seen him cheat himself. If you understand what I mean."
―Royse Bergon's thoughts about the Fox[src]

The Fox of Ibra was the Roya of Ibra during the events of The Curse of Chalion. The Fox was over 70 years of age, stringy, balding, and his formerly red hair was now a white fringe. He was vigorous for his age. He was a widower with sons from two marriages. Bergon dy Ibra was the son of his second wife, who was Darthacan.

The Fox had a long history of conflict with Orico over territory. In addition, his elder son and heir rebelled against him in South Ibra until the heir's death of the coughing fever.