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Lady Florina Arisaydia was the mother of Adelis Arisaydia and stepmother of Nikys Arisaydia kin Jurald.

Florina was a Cedonian noblewoman of high birth, with connections to the Imperial family itself. She married the old General Arisaydia. However, they were childless for many years. Finally, convinced it was the only way for him to have children, Florina and her husband had agreed to bring Idrene Gardiki in as his concubine. Ironically, Florina became pregnant at the same time as Idrene. Florina gave birth to Adelis on the same day that Idrene gave birth to Nikys. The two women raised the children together; both children regarded both women as their mothers equally.

Florina and Idrene were close; emotionally, they were closer to each other than they were to their mutual husband.

Florina died when Nikys and Adelis were in their late 20s. She did not appear directly in any story.