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The five-fold sacred gesture:

In the Quintarian faith, this gesture is performed when swearing an oath or calling down a blessing. The hand is touched to the forehead (Daughter, the mind), lip (Bastard, the tongue), navel (Mother, the womb), and groin (Father), then spread flat over the heart (Son).


  • Quadrenes make a similar gesture at forehead, navel, groin, and heart with the thumb tucked beneath the palm, denying the fifth finger that is the Bastard’s.
  • Performing the gesture in reverse order generally signified cancelling, anti-blessing.
  • Truncated blessings indicated one's particular god/dess: Hand over navel for Mother, back of thumb to lips for Bastard, tap of fist over heart or hand spread over heart for Son. (Truncated blessings for the Father and Daughter are not yet described.)
    • sometimes these are added after the end of a blessing, other times they replace the blessing