"A tall, somber man stood on the treads two below her.... His face and form were uncertain in outline; she thought he looked a bit like Arhys, a bit like Arvol, and more than a little like her own dead father.... His hair and beard were pure gray, cut short as Arhys's were, clean and fine. The wavering candlelight did not reflect from his upturned face, nor from the endless depths of his eyes; they shone instead with their own effulgent light."
―Ista meets the Father face to face[src]

The Father of Winter is one of the five gods of the Chalion world.

The primary color associated with the Father is black, the secondary color is gray. His particular aspects regarding interactions with the world are justice and fertility.

At death, unless there is a stronger association with a different god, men who've fathered children generally are taken up by the Father.

Swear-phrases regarding the FatherEdit

  • Father's tears
  • Father weeps
  • Father's balls