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"She was treated most miserably from first to last. But in the end she remembered she was a princess."
―Ingrey kin Wolfcliff speaks of Fara[src]

Princess Fara was the daughter of Lord Stagthorne, the hallow king, and sister of Princes Boleso and Biast. She was married to earl-ordainer Wencel kin Horseriver for four years but had no children. Fara was not a beauty but her proud carriage and presence normally made up for any shortfall. She had brown hair and dressed plainly. When Ingrey first met her, she looked haggard and ill.

Prior to the events of the Hallowed Hunt, Ijada was one of her ladies-in-waiting. Partly out of jealousy, Fara yielded Ijada up to Boleso, knowing the results would be 'unpleasant'. After hearing Fara's testimony in Ijada's trial, Biast appointed Ingrey to be Fara's guardian. Wencel subsequently infested her with a spirit horse, and used her as his banner-carrier in the rite at Bloodfield. However, Fara broke the banner pole, causing the hallow kingship to temporarily pass to Ingrey. THis allowed him to cleanse the souls of those slain at Bloodfield.