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"Pacing slowly after the others loomed the most enormous white ice bear Ingrey had ever seen. The thing was as tall as a pony, and as wide as two. Its narrow eyes were the color of frozen urine, and about as expressive."
―Fafa takes part in a funeral ceremony[src]

Fafa the ice bear was a pet of Jokol Skullsplitter brought to the Weald as part of an offering to the gods and people of the temple so that Jokol could bring a divine to Arfrastpekka.

Fafa had several adventures during his time at the temple, including helping with the breaking up of a conspiracy to mis-identify which god has taken up what souls.

Behind the scenes[]

Fafa was at least partly inspired by a tale from The Barbarian Conversion: from Paganism to Christianity (1997) by Richard Fletcher. In that tale, some Greenlanders sought a bishop in 1125, so they sent a bear to the King of Norway to encourage him to send one to them.[1]


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