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"The town and the broad southern plains beyond spread out before their gaze. The river Stork curled away from the town’s foot in a bright silver line, growing more crooked until lost in the autumn haze."
―Ingrey and Ijada arrive at Easthome[src]

Easthome was the seat of government of the Weald, site of the hallow king's hall and the Royal College. It was located on the edge of the broad southern plains with a range of low hills to the northeast. The city was a port on the river Stork, at the head of navigation for sea-going vessels. Timber and other goods could be floated from upriver of Easthome when the river level was high enough. The city was walled, although newer buildings had encroached on the wall and then spilled beyond it, reducing the defensive capabilities.

Early in the history of the city it was two villages of different tribes, separated by a creek which is a tributary of the Stork. The tribes feuded until Audar's grandson established his western capital there and rebuilt the city, eliminating the tribal divisions. The creek became little more than a sewer and was built across in many places.

The architecture at the times of The Hallowed Hunt and Penric's Fox favored tall houses of tan stone blocks or whitewashed stucco, with red-tile roofs.

The town was divided into 2 parts, Templetown and Kingstown. Templetown was the upper town on high bluffs above the river, and held the temple and offices of the holy orders. Kingstown was in the lower town, which held the dock quarter, warehouses and merchant's quarters, and on higher elevations the kin-lords' houses and other mansions in addition to the hallow king's hall.

The building in Templetown housing the Order of the Bastard had been a converted merchants' mansion made of wood at the time of The Hallowed Hunt, but about the time Penric kin Jurald was born, it burned down and was replaced with a more impressive building made of cut yellow stone - high, balanced, and austere.

Behind the scenes[]

The city plan of Easthome is loosely based on that of Zagreb[1].


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