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Learned Dubro was a Temple sorcerer from Izbetsia in the duchy of Orbas.

He was older than Penric, being in his late sixties when Penric first met him in The Physicians of Vilnoc. He had been a soldier in Orbas's army from 16 to 36 years old, and then a farmer near Izbetsia for several decades after. He became a sorcerer after his farm dog, Maska, contracted a demon from a weasel it killed, and then later died in his arms. His demon, who Dubro also called Maska, was imprinted with the dog and was therefore generally friendly, loyal, and eager to please.

Despite his age, he was a less-experienced sorcerer than Penric, as he had no other sorcerers around to teach him in the small town of Izbetsia.

He was a widower with two children.