Dondo dy Jironal is the younger brother of Martou dy Jironal. He is named to be Holy General of the Daughter’s Order early in The Curse of Chalion, and then is named March dy Jironal after Martou becomes provincar dy Ildar.


Dondo served as a soldier during the border war against Olus prior to the events in The Curse of Chalion, during which he was sent with Cazaril as envoys to deliver an ultimatum when Olus was cornered. At Olus's order, he attempted to kill Cazaril, but was stopped mid-attempt.

At one point, he and his brother were permitted to attempt to sire a child by Royina Sara and spent a year trying. While Martou was polite about his own efforts, Dondo took pleasure in humiliating Sara. The effort only ended when she threatened to kill herself.

By the time of the beginning of Curse of Chalion, he was made General of the Daughter's Order. He promptly made use of the appointment to profit greatly - by sending its soldiers to serve as mercenaries for the Heir of Ibra, and accepting bribes to fail to notice malfeasance by those under him.

After a time, Dondo was chosen to become Iselle dy Chalion's betrothed, to be wed in three days. In response to her open disgust and defiance, he threatened to rape her until she became pregnant, claiming that Roya Orico would certainly allow the action (as evidence, he told her of the time with Royina Sara). Cazaril, in desperation, performed death magic successfully upon Dondo, bringing about his death. When, later, his soul was brought to the gods, none of them took him and he ended up being destroyed in the Bastard's "Be-not" hell.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Dondo dy Jironal is stocky and has a tendency to sweat profusely. He is forty years old. He does not respond well to being the butt of jokes, being known to attempt to kill or arrest those who do this. He has two scorned daughters by his late first wife.

A libertine and an embezzler, he rapidly made enemies of the dedicats of the Daughter's Order.

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