She approached the possessed horse, who lowered its head again and laid its face flat to her bloodied bodice in what might be submission, love or dementia.
Demon is an ugly chestnut stallion with a fearsome temperament. He is Illvin's warhorse, despite Illvin's own evaluation that 'he was never any sane person's mount.' Illvin's name for the horse is too crude to share with Ista. It takes three grooms, a blindfold, a curb bit and a twitch to control him, at least until Ista tells him to behave.

It turns out that the horse is in-fact possessed by an elemental. Arhys rides him in his battle with the Jokonan sorcerers, and the horse survives because of demon enhanced healing powers. He subsequently bonds with Ista, who accepts him as her new mount and gives him his final name.

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Paladin of Souls