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Death magic, or more theologically correctly death miracle, is a miracle of justice granted by the Bastard. In a death miracle, a death demon of the Bastard takes the soul of the person praying for the miracle as well as the soul of the target of it. Death magic leaves the two bodies theologically empty and it is possible that ghosts of sundered souls may attempt to move in; the bodies of death magic victims should be burned before nightfall to prevent this.

An unsuccessful attempt at death magic is a capital crime of intent to murder. Successful death magic is not a crime, but a miracle.

Instances of death magic[]

  • A wool merchant works death magic on the duelist Ser dy Naoza, who had killed his son, in an abandoned mill outside of Valenda. The merchant's body is discovered by Cazaril.
  • Cazaril works death magic on Dondo dy Jironal by sacrificing a rat and a crow, both sacred to the Bastard in Chalion, and praying for justice. The Lady of Spring prevents his soul from being taken by the demon in a second miracle.
  • Fonsa the Wise worked death magic on the Roknari Golden General in a desperate attempt to stop the Roknari invasion of Chalion. The act resulted in the curse of Chalion as Fonsa's soul could not fully balance the destiny of the Golden General.
  • In Knot of Shadows Vissa Soudei worked Death Magic on Master Therneas, who was in charge of the Vilnoc customs house. Master Therneas had anonymously accused and framed Vissa Soudei’s son Kyem Soudei for embezzlement which resulted in Kyem Soudei’s suicide. Both Vissa’s and Therneas’ bodies were animated by ghosts.