"He'd once thought of the Lady of Spring as a sort of pleasant, gentle young woman... This overwhelming Mind listened to every cry or song in the world at once. She watched the souls spiral up in all their terrible complex beauty with the delight of a gardener inhaling the scent of Her flowers."
―Cazaril's vision of the Daughter of Spring[src]

The Daughter of Spring, also called the Lady of Spring, is one of the five gods of the Chalion world.

Her particular domain is new life. Soldiers under the Daughter function mostly as police, keeping the roads clear of bandits.

Her primary color is blue; the secondary is white. Virginity is sacred to her, as is young love and lyric poetry. Lady-schools educate children.

At death, unless there is a stronger association with a different god, women who've never borne children generally are taken up by the Daughter.