The Daughter 's Order (or Order of the Daughter) is a military order which concerns itself with domestic matters such as guarding temples, controlling banditry on the roads, and ensuring safe conveyance of pilgrims. It is far smaller than the Son's Order. The Order maintains hostels, chapter houses, and other facilities throughout Chalion. There are sister chapters of the Daughter's Order in the Roknari princedoms.

In Chalion, the Daughter's Order is headed by a Holy General who is appointed by the roya, a lucrative and powerful position. Members of the troops are referred to as soldier-brothers, and wear blue tunic with white vest cloaks and gray hooded cloaks. Formal garb is blue trousers and tunic and a white tabard. Members of the Daughter's Order salute by touching the forehead.

Known members of the Daughter's Order:Edit