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Darthaca was a nation to the south and beyond a mountain range from the Ibran peninsula. The independent high marchdom of Yiss occupied one part of the border between them. Darthaca also bordered the Weald, the Cantons, and Saone.


Darthaca and environs

Facts about Darthaca[]

  • The inhabitants spoke Darthacan, which was considered a difficult language to learn.
    • A Darthacan dialect was Saonese; it was considered particularly difficult to learn.
      • Penric's kin-name Jurald was from that region.
  • Perfume from Darthaca was valued.
  • There were approximately a dozen cities in Darthaca that are larger than the capital of the Weald, Easthome, but none named; the capital was six times its size.
  • "If that's [something it is not], then I'm queen of Darthaca" - presumably Darthaca was ruled by King and/or Queen at the time of the events of The Hallowed Hunt.

Famous Darthacans[]

Behind the scenes[]

When mapped to Earth, Darthaca's location roughly corresponds to that of France.