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Cumril was a sorcerer in the Weald, possibly formerly a sorcerer-divine of the Bastard. At the time of The Hallowed Hunt Cumril was serving in Prince Boleso’s household under the guise of a body servant, and had been assisting with Boleso's rites to gain spirit animals.

Cumril was middle-aged and stooped, with a scraggly beard that framed his face.

Cumril was also the sorcerer who performed the spirit warrior rites for Lord Ingalef kin Wolfcliff and his son Ingrey. These rites left Lord Ingalef dead of rabies and Ingrey in a delirious state, and in Cumril's despair his demon gained control. Cumril wandered under the demon’s influence until Boleso found him and compelled him into service using unspecified means.

Learned Lewko had reassembled a letter of confession written by Cumril just before his demon ascended, after the demon had burned it.