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Mother Clara was an acolyte, midwife, and petty saint of the Mother at the Temple Hospital of the Mother's Mercy in Cardegoss. She described herself as a "small domestic saint" and felt she might have thought only that she was lucky in her profession and not have known she was a saint without Umegat's teaching.

Clara saw the Daughter's and the Bastard's god lights on Cazaril, and assisted in caring for Umegat after the attack on Orico's menagerie. The Mother gave Clara a message for Cazaril to "beware despair above all" when he had the death demon and Dondo dy Jironal bound inside him after the death magic attempt. She participated in the funeral rites for Dondo, singing alto with the massed clerics at the service.

Clara was a dumpy, middle-aged woman. To Cazaril's second site she glowed like a candle seen through green glass.