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"I stole your pilgimage, Royina. I thought the god was telling me to."
―Chivar explains himself to Ista[src]

Learned Chivar dy Cabon was a divine of the Bastard who served as Royina Ista's spiritual conductor on her pilgrimage. He was the illegitimate son of Ser Odlin dy Cabon, and a third or fourth cousin to Lord dy Yarrin.

Learned dy Cabon was an obese young man of no more than thirty, somewhat near-sighted. He was a gourmand, and during the pilgrimage also began to drink to excess. The latter was the result of troubling dreams, sent by the Bastard, that showed him dying horribly at the hands of Roknari soldiers. With the help of this warning, he and Foix dy Gura were able to evade the Jokonan raiding party and were eventually reuinited with Ista at Porifors. Later, dy Cabon sleeplessly tended to the wounded and dying. His trials had stressed him close to cracking open to the god's presence, making him a potential saint.