Chalion Wiki

The complete timeline we have in Chalion takes up 50 years, from the deaths of Fonsa and the Golden General to the end of Paladin of Souls. This number is repeated several times in Paladin of Souls, so we can assume it is meant to be exact. Since Paladin of Souls takes place 3 years after the end of Curse of Chalion, and Curse of Chalion takes slightly more than one year, Curse of Chalion begins 46 years after the deaths of Fonsa and the Golden General.

While there are some correspondences between our timeline and that of Chalion, we cannot be sure that their reckoning matches ours. We do know that their calendar is not the same as ours, because they have more leap years than we do. Were they to use the same reckoning as us, the Curse of Chalion would take place in the years 1468-1469.

Since we do not have an exact year, however, we will use year G to mark the event that is the keystone of the timeline - the deaths of Fonsa and the Golden General.

Year G: Fonsa and Golden General die from death magic. Ias becomes roya.

Unknown but no later than G+10: Orico is born.

G+10: Ista is born.

G+11: Cazaril is born.

G+24 to G+29: Cazaril serves as a page in Valenda.

G+28: Ias and Ista marry.

G+30, mid-Spring: Iselle is born.

G+32: Teidez is born.

G+33: Attempt to break the curse. Arvol dy Lutez dies.

G+34: Ias dies. Orico becomes roya.

G+36: Provincar of Baocia dies. Ista’s brother becomes new Provincar, moves his capital to Taryoon.

G+40: Ista moves to Valenda with Iselle and Teidez. Menagerie arrives in Valenda shortly thereafter.

G+41: Cazaril and Dondo sent to parlay with Roknari prince Olus.

G+43, winter: Cazaril made castle warder for Gotorget.

G+44, autumn: Gotorget sold after 9 months of siege. Cazaril sold to galleys.

G+46: Cazaril freed. Spends time in Ibra, walks to Valenda, arrives on day before Daughter’s Day. Curse of Chalion begins.

G+47: Orico dies. Bergon and Iselle marry. Martou dy Jironal dies. Curse of Chalion ends.

G+49: Cazaril and Betriz have a son. Bergon and Iselle have a daughter.

G+50: Dowager Provincara of Baocia dies. Paladin of Souls begins and ends.