Chalion is one of the royacies on the Ibran Peninsula, and the location of the main events of both The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls. The capital city of Chalion is Cardegoss. Chalion has sixteen provinces. The language of Chalion is Ibran.

Chalion is land-locked with mountain ranges to the north, south, and west.

The symbol of Chalion is a royal leopard rampant upon a stylized castle.


Provinces in ChalionEdit

  • Guarida - borders on the Roknari princedom once ruled by Olus
  • Thistan - east of Baocia. Martou dy Jironal’s funeral was conducted there
  • Ildar - provincarship was given to Martou dy Jironal, passing from the Ildar family
  • Labran
  • Baocia
  • Yarrin
  • Caribastos - borders Tolnoxo and the Roknari princedom of Jokona. Oby and Porifors are in Caribastos.
  • Tolnoxo - northwest of Baocia, borders Caribastos. The provincial capital is Maradi. The town of Vinyasca is located in Tolnoxo.

Behind the scenesEdit

In terrain, Chalion is intentionally similar to Spain, mountainous, generally rugged, and somewhat arid.