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Cedonia was a country to the west of the Carpagamon Islands and north of Orbas and Grabyat. It was a mountainous country with many islands.


Northern Cedonia


More than 1000 years before, the Cedonian Empire stretched from its main peninsula to the Darthacan coast. This ascendancy lasted about three hundred years, then collapsed, leaving a legacy of old coins and carvings on old temple ruins.

Facts about Cedonia[]

  • In Penric's time, it was still a large country, but no longer rules most of the Five Gods World.
  • A ruler from long ago was named Emperor Letus, the Engineer.
  • Violent power transitions were more typical than not.

Places in Cedonia[]

Regions within Cedonia were referred to as provinces, and had their own provincial capitals. For example, the province containing Sosie had its capital on the coast, where a port was located. There were military garrisons within cities in the various provinces.


Behind the scenes[]

Cedonia (similar to Macedonia), is located roughly where Greece is in the modern world, but is considerably enlarged, including Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria.

The Emperor has a "southern-island guard", some with with lighter than usual hair and eye color. Probably inspired by the Varangian Guard from real world history. (Limnos chapter VI)