He entertained himself and, apparently, the bird for several minutes attempting to instruct it in its new language, even meeting it halfway by trilling Cazaril! Cazaril! in what he fancied was a birdish accent, but despite lavish gifts of bread it seemed even more resistant than Iselle to Darthacan.
Shortly after his arrival at the Zangre, Cazaril is approached by one of the sacred crows who inhabit Fonsa's Tower. The bird, missing two tail feathers, seems entertained when Cazaril tries to teach him to say his name, but proves resistant. Later in the day though, the bird approaches him again, this time calling 'Caz', and refuses to leave until Umegat removes him.

A few days later, Cazaril is brought before Roya Orico after a courtier relates a story that Cazaril's scars were the result of being flogged for rape. Even though there is no proof, Martou dy Jironal believes Cazaril should be removed from Royina Iselle's presence immediately. Orico choses to resolve the issue by having one of the sacred crows fly to the innocent party. Cazaril is exonerated, but wonders if a trick was involved, since the crow used was missing two tail feathers. Umegat advises that he did not seek out a particular crow. The crow, sacred to the Bastard, picked him.

Several nights later, Cazaril is driven to use death magic against Dondo dy Jironal to prevent his marriage to Iselle. Fully expecting to die him himself, Cazaril crawls over to Fonsa's Tower and is approached by the crow with two missing tail feathers. Cazaril kisses the crow on its head and asks for forgiveness. "Maybe the Bastard will feed you the bread of the gods, and you can ride on His shoulder, when you meet Him." Then Cazaril breaks the crow's neck and prays to the Bastard for justice.

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The Curse of Chalion