Lady Cattilara dy Lutez is the Marchess of Porifors, the second wife of Arhys dy Lutez, the March of Porifors. She is the daughter of the March of Oby. A strong-willed woman, she decided to marry Arhys when she was fourteen, and campaigned with her father for three years to achieve this.

Cattilara kills the Roknari Princess Umerue in jealousy over Arhys, and the demon which had ridden Umerue jumped to Cattilara. Cattilara is able to control the demon and force it to re-animate Arhys who was accidentally killed in the same incident. Ista is able to allow Cattilara's demon to ascend and pass along information about Joen's background and use of demons.

At the conclusion of Arhys's raid on the Jokonan camp when his soul is taken up by the Father, Cattilara's demon gains control and attempts to make her commit suicide. Ista is able to separate the demon from her and return it to the Bastard.

Cattilara is tall and slim, has black hair, and is about 21 years old. She is very lovely.

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Paladin of Souls