"The world was first and the world was flame, fluid and fearsome. As the flame cooled, matter formed and gained vast strength and endurance, a great globe with fire at its heart. From the fire at the heart of the world slowly grew the World-Soul."
―dy Cabon begins the tale of the advent of the Five Gods[src]

See also Gods and Demons for a discussion of the differences between gods and demons.

The Five Gods of the Chalion UniverseEdit

  • The Father of Winter
    • Colors: Primary=black, secondary=gray
    • Associations: law/jurisprudence, fertility
    • Signs and Signifiers: genitals
    • Father's Day is Winter Solstice
  • The Mother of Summer
    • Colors: Primary=green, secondary=yellow
    • Associations: health/medicine
    • Signs and Signifiers: navel
    • Mother's Day is Summer Solstice
  • The Son of Autumn
    • Colors: Primary=red-orange, secondary=brown
    • Associations: hunt, warfare
    • Signs and Signifiers: heart
    • Son's Day is Autumnal Equinox
  • The Daughter of Spring
    • Colors: Primary=blue, secondary=white
    • Associations: life, youthful learning, civil order, lyric poetry
    • Signs and Signifiers: forehead
    • Daughter's Day is Vernal Equinox
  • The Bastard of the unseason
    • Colors: white
    • Associations: bastards, non-heteronormative loves, spies, epic poetry, vile jokes
    • Signs and Signifiers: tongue, thumb.
    • Bastard's Day is intercalaray day inserted every other year to prevent precession of seasons


  • People typically make a sign of the Five Gods whenever they feel mindful of them.
  • Temple layouts differ by custom.
    • Chalionese temples
    • Wealdean temples
  • Death magic is a miracle granted by the Bastard.

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