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"It perched on an islet only a dozen paces out from shore, its walls seeming to grow out of the rock that was its foundation. High and solid and forbidding, they followed the contours of the islet's bounds. This had resulted in something other than foursquare, though four round towers with conical slate caps jutted up at its corners, with a fifth for luck over the drawbridge."
―Penric's first sight of Castle Martenden[src]

Castle Martenden was the seat of Lord Rusillin kin Martenden, and was located 10 miles from the town of Martensbridge on an islet very close to the shore of the lake. The castle had four round towers at its corners and a fifth located over the drawbridge.

The walkway along the outer wall provided an excellent view of the lake, allowing the castle to block or seize traffic during its periodic disputes with Martensbridge.


Behind the Scenes[]

Chillon Castle, located on Lake Geneva, provided inspiration for Castle Martenden. [1]

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