Cardegoss is the capital of Chalion. It is located roughly in the centre of the Ibran Peninsula, at the junction of two rivers. It is built atop cliff walls of more than 300 feet.
Alcazar Zangre

Alcazar, model for Zangre

The city is dominated by the Zangre, a great natural fortress, separated from the rest of the city by a natural cleft in the plateau 'more daunting than any moat'. Huge bolders, expertly fitted together, form the lower course of the castle walls, while fine Roknari decorative work is found in the middle. Above all lies  'yet more crisp-cut stone, towering higher and higher as if men competed with the gods who had thrown up the great rock the whole edifice stood upon.' The Zangre has never fallen in battle.

The buildings within the Zangre are made of ochre colored stone, with slate roofs. Buildings include:

  • the main block, where Iselle, Teidez and their entourages are lodged. Also contains the throne room, banquet hall and ballroom
  • Ias's Tower - a huge rectangular tower, built in the reign of Roya Ias. Orico resides here when the court is resident in the Zangre. Also houses the Chancellery on the second floor.
  • the Tower of Roya Fonsa the (Fairly) Wise. Fell into ruin when used by Fonsa in a death magic ritual to kill the Golden General
  • outside the walls, a garden and stable area. Orico's menagerie is found here.

Other features of Cardegoss include:

  • City walls that resemble the outline of a ship, with the Zangre at the prow. Has seven gates
  • Temple Square (misnamed, as it has five sides, one for each mother-house of the gods' holy orders).
  • Temple of the Holy Family, located in the middle of Temple Square