The Cantons are a mountainous country bordering the Weald and Darthaca. The Cantons are a loose federation of enclaves not under a king or foreign ruler, although some parts were briefly under Darthacan rule. The Cantons are largely of orthodox Quintarian religion at the time of The Hallowed Hunt, primarily by conversion than by conquest.[1]

The area around Greenwell town is known for its cheese production. Martensbridge is noted for its glasswork, and is also a center of silk production. The Cantons are also known for its mercenary companies.

Ingrey's wolf came from The Cantons.

Geography Edit

Named populated places:

  • Castle Martenden
  • Freitten - town known for its university
  • Greenwell town - town near Jurald Court, a few days ride from Martensbridge
  • Idau - town roughly fifty miles west of Martensbridge
  • Jurald Court - Penric's home is a large, sprawling, fortified 'farmhouse', commanding a valley in upland country, with the Raven Range to the south and higher peaks to the north
  • Liest - border town with Darthaca
  • Martensbridge
  • Martenden - a hamlet near Castle Martenden, its growth stunted by Martensbridge
  • Orbas - town to which Learned Tigney fled when his demon ascended
  • Westria - lands to the west of Martensbridge, ruled by an earl palatine

Other named features:

  • Crow River - flows east-west from the Raven Range
  • Raven Range - mountain range forming the border with the Weald
  • River Linnet - tributary of the Crow River, flows through Martensbridge

Behind the scenesEdit

The Cantons roughly correspond to medieval Switzerland, with various nascent city-states and other regions being divided up among assorted regional overlordships.[2]

Notes and References Edit

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