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"Are the cantons even a country?"
―General Arisaydia is dubious[src]

The Cantons were a mountainous, landlocked country bordering the Weald, Darthaca, Saone, Adria, Westria, and Carpagamo.


Cantons and environs

The Cantons were a loose federation of enclaves not under a king or foreign ruler, although some parts were briefly under Darthacan rule. The Cantons were largely of orthodox Quintarian religion at the time of The Hallowed Hunt, primarily by conversion than by conquest,[1] however, there were locals who raised Great Beasts.

The area around Greenwell town was known for its cheese production. Martensbridge was noted for its glasswork, and was also a center of silk production. The Cantons were also known for its mercenary companies.

Ingrey's wolf came from The Cantons; Arrow and Blood were Great Dogs from Linkbeck.

Towns and Cities[]

Named populated places within the Cantons:


People from the Cantons[]

Behind the scenes[]

The Cantons roughly correspond to medieval Switzerland, with various nascent city-states and other regions being divided up among assorted regional overlordships.[2]

The high mountains correspond to the real-life mountains, the Alps.

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