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"A short, stout old man wearing a stained white dressing gown and stumping along with a stick entered the room.... His hair was white and receding and combed back to a thin queue; his face was as round and wrinkled as a winter-stored apple, but not nearly as sweet."
―Penric meets Broylin[src]

Blessed Broylin was the Saint of Idau; gifted with the ability to remove demons from the world. He lived in Idau within the earldom of Westria. He had a bad back and a rather cantankerous world-view.

When Penric first contracted Desdemona, the head of the Bastard's Order of Martensbridge, Learned Tigney, sent for Broylin intending for him to take the too-powerful demon from the unprepared young man. Instead, the Bastard refused Broylin's attempt. The Saint counseled that the Order should accept Penric as a sorcerer.