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Brajar was a country on the Ibran Peninsula located east of Chalion and south of the Roknari princedom of Jarn.


Facts about Brajar[]

  • The ruler was the Roya of Brajar and the family was closely related to the ruling family of Chalion.
  • The country made an "uncertain ally" in Chalion's battles against the Roknari.
  • It had good ports.
  • The language was a dialect of Ibran.
  • Cazaril spent a year in its dungeons after the battle of Dalus.
  • Brajar was a source of good wines.
  • A swordmaster for the Roya had previously served as a page in the court of the provincar of Valenda, at the same time that Cazaril served there.
  • When Umegat fled the Roknar Archipelago, he took ship to Brajar.

Famous Brajarans[]

  • Behar - author of the classic verse romance The Legend of the Green Tree, which Cazaril borrows from the Zangre's library. After Cazaril's encounter with the Daughter, he thinks of trying to compose poetry in the manner of Behar.

Behind the scenes[]

Brajar corresponds in location to real-life Portugal.