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"All his short life... Boleso had been alternately petted and neglected by parents and servants both, the natural arrogance of his blood tainted with a precarious hunger for honor, fame, reward."
―Igrey ponders Boleso[src]

Prince Boleso kin Stagthorne was the youngest son of the current hallow king at the time of The Hallowed Hunt. He was notorious for his wild behavior and self-indulgence, perhaps a result of a childhood which alternated between petting and neglect. He was banished to his hunting seat at Boar's Head Castle after he murdered, gutted, and skinned a manservant. He was killed by Ijada dy Castos using his own warhammer.

Boleso was tall and muscular. His facial features had the long jaw of the Stagthornes, and wore a short brown beard.

Plot to obtain the hallow kingship[]

Boleso had attached the sorcerer Cumril to his household and was experimenting with rites of the Old Weald to invest himself with animal spirits. Unlike Old Weald spirit warriors who took a single animal spirit, he had gained the spirits of multiple animals, attempting to have a spirit representing each kin group to gain power. Boleso sought the spirit of a leopard to gain control over Ijada, the leopard to represent her Chalionese blood. This rite was also to have involved Ijada's rape, but Ijada killed the prince before the rite or the rape was completed. The Son of Autumn then called the leopard spirit into Ijada.

During the cleansing rite Ingrey kin Wolfcliff performs at Boleso's funeral, he identifies animal spirits of a boar, wolf, stag, badger, fox, hawk, dog, and a housecat.

Ingrey speculated that Boleso might have hoped to gain the hallow kingship through forces exerted by his spirit animals. It does appear that he was buying votes. Cumril testifies that Boleso planned to assassinate his brother Biast, also to this end.