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KarenHunt KarenHunt 27 June 2021

Five Gods Theology

Lois's statement to list readers, Tuesday June 22, 2021:

At the risk of explaining how sausages are made, it might also help to think of the 5GU gods, as I do, as emergent properties of the world. Not separate -- no dualism here, thankyouverymuch.  I touch on this in the recent Smart Bitches interview.

If you take the emergent properties model, physics is emergent from the underlying structure of the universe, chemistry is emergent from physics, biology is emergent from chemistry, and life and mind are emergent from biology.  Take it up one step or level further, and the gods are the emergent property of all.  So matter and spirit are not two things; spirit (or mind, if you like) is an inherent expression of matter, generated by it.

Totally n…

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KarenHunt KarenHunt 4 August 2019

More on maps

I am seeking comments. I have "better" maps that more accurately reflect what Lois wanted (that I didn't give her until too late to go into Orphans of Raspay). The problem is that they are *not* what went into the story.

Any thoughts on whether I should replace the front-page map with the following?

The changes:

  1. The Carpagamon Archipelago is richer, and more similar to Italy's mountain range.
  2. The island of Orfara is moved downward to slightly below Skirose
  3. The Canton-Westria boundary is moved west somewhat (with corresponding movement of Martensbridge and Idau)
  4. The Cantons and Westria and the bottom edge of Saone are moved up somewhat.To go with this, the southern boundary of Adria is shifted somewhat down to give it more space. Mostly this help…

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KarenHunt KarenHunt 20 July 2019


I have added maps to several pages. I'd be grateful to anyone who notes details that are missing, misplaced, or wrong.

Particularly note the articles for Cedonia, Cantons, and Weald, where the maps include more details than are visible on the whole-world map on the main page.

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KarenHunt KarenHunt 8 July 2015

Penric's Demon is here!

Penric's Demon showed up in amazon as a kindle e-book purchase on July 7, 2015.

It's a fun tale in which young Penric Jurald, a young rustic lord in the Cantons, acquires a demon and finds his life turned upside-down.

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KarenHunt KarenHunt 4 July 2015

New Tale - Penric's Demon

A new tale of the World of the Five Gods is expected to be published as an e-book in July 2015.

Follow this link to Lois's blog for a look at the cover.

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