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Prince Biast kin Stagthorne was the son of the hallow king of the Weald at the time of The Hallowed Hunt. He became heir presumptive on the death of his older brother Byza three years earlier; prior to that he had been expected to have a military career. He was styled prince-marshal and gained military experience on the northwest border of the Weald.  Biast had a younger brother Boleso who was plotting against him, and a sister Fara who was the wife of Earl Wencel kin Horseriver. Biast's bannerman was his cousin Symark kin Stagthorne.

Prince Biast had brown hair and the long jaw of the Stagthornes. He was a little shorter and of lighter build than his brother Boleso, and was athletic.

During the uncanny night in the Wounded Woods where Ingrey released the souls of those who died at Bloodfield, Prince Biast served as the gate of the Son.