"This is not the quiet damnation of sundering... Neither is this heaven's healing.
said the Voice regretfully. This is will-not. So it shall pass with its demon to the place of be-not."
―Joen's soul is sent to be-not[src]

Be-not, also known as the Bastard's Hell, is a place that contains the souls of those who refuse the healing of the gods (will-not). Ista, under the influence of the Bastard, sees it as a strange, dimensionless void, a pool of demon energy. It is a reservoir of pure destruction, containing no mind or will or song or memory or any gift of higher order. It helps balance the world between the heat of chaos and the chill death of stasis.

Behind the scenesEdit

The author has described the Bastard's Hell as "a place of pure chaos, instant dissolution."[1]


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