The Order of the Bastard deals with the things-out-of-season that are the god’s mandate – foundling hospitals and orphanages are among the order’s main concerns. The Bastard's Order is a refuge for homosexuals. The Order also seeks out demons that have gotten into the world of matter to return them to the Bastard.

Hallana wears a white, cream, and metallic silver Temple school braid on her shoulder to indicate she is a sorceress-divine.

Facilities Edit

  • School with a fine library, at Casilchas, in Baocia

Known members of the Bastard's Order Edit

  • Archdivine Mendenal of Cardegoss
  • Umegat, divine and saint
  • Chivar dy Cabon, divine
  • Daris, lay dedicat
  • the saint of Rauma, who was able to separate a demon from its mount and return the demon to the god
  • a saint in Darthaca who could separate demons from their mounts and return them to the god, from The Hallowed Hunt
  • Illvin dy Arbanos (in his youth)
  • dowager Royina Ista, saint and lay dedicat "of a sort"
  • Learned Hallana, sorceress-divine (also a physician-divine of the Mother's Order)
  • Learned Lewko, petty saint, Temple overseer in Easthome
  • Marda, divine
  • Nij, acolyte-groom