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The Order of the Bastard dealt with the things-out-of-season that are the god’s mandate – foundling hospitals and orphanages were among the order’s main concerns. The Bastard's Order was a refuge for homosexuals. The Order also sought out demons that had gotten into the world of matter to return them to the Bastard; as the other side of that coin, they managed the rare Temple-approved sorcerers such as Hallana and Penric and were responsible, over many lifetimes, for training and growing their demons into ones tame enough and advanced enough to be used by sorcerer-physicians.

Hallana and Penric wore a white, cream, and metallic silver Temple school braid on their shoulder to indicate their status as sorcerer-divines. Most members of the Bastard's order wore white robes.


  • A seminary with a fine library, at Casilchas, in Baocia
  • The University of Rosehall has a Bastard's seminary.

Known members of the Bastard's Order[]