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"Arvol dy Lutez was good at all things to which he turned his hand. Sword, horse, music, verse, war, government . . . If his brilliance had any flaw, it was in his very versatility, which stole away the sustained effort ... He was the delight of every eye that fell upon him."
―Ista's thoughts on Arvol[src]

Lord Arvol dy Lutez was the boyhood friend, closest advisor for 30 years, brother in arms, and lover to Roya Ias; dy Lutez arranged Ias’s second marriage to Ista. He was falsely rumored to be Ista's lover. Dy Lutez was chancellor of Chalion, provincar of two districts, marshal of Ias’s household troops, and master of the Order of the Son. He was accused of treason and widely believed to have died under torture, but actually died by drowning in a failed attempt to break the curse of Chalion.

Dy Lutez married twice. He had two principal heirs, sons of his first marriage, and at least one more legitimate son, Arhys dy Lutez, March of Porifors, with his second wife, a northern heiress. He had three acknowleged bastards, all daughters.