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"Lord Arhys," said Ista. "How long have you been dead?"
―A pertinent point[src]

Arhys dy Lutez was the March of Porifors in the Chalionese province of Caribastos. He was the son of Lord Arvol dy Lutez and his second wife, a northern heiress, but was not a principal heir of his father as those properties went to the sons of his first wife. Arhys interited Porifors through his mother along with some other estates in Caribastos.

Arhys was married to Cattilara, a daughter of the March of Oby. He had a daughter Liviana from his first marriage who is about 9 years old; his first wife died in childbed. Arhys was never brought to court by his father, perhaps because of his mother's relationship with Ser dy Arbanos, the castle-warder of Porifors. Arhys had a half-brother, Illvin dy Arbanos, from this relationship.

Prior to the events in Paladin of Souls, Arhys was accidentally stabbed in a scuffle and was killed. In the same scuffle Cattilara contracted a demon and commanded it to keep Arhys alive, which it did by stealing soul-stuff from Illvin to keep Arhys animate, if not truly alive. During this period of half-living, Arhys's soul was sundered, and it required Ista's intervention to allow Arhys's soul to go to the Father when it was finally released during a sortie against the Jokonan sorcerers and soldiers besieging Porifors.

Arhys was of striking appearance, with reddish dark hair and a lighter beard that is shot with gray, about 41 at the time of his death.