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"Oh, but I love my task," said Liss cheerfully, slapping her dirty tabard. "People give me fast horses and get out of my way."
―Annaliss loves riding[src]

Annaliss, more commonly known as Liss, was a courier for the Chancellery of Chalion. She was the fourth daughter of the owner of a small estate near Teneret, a town in Labran.

In Paladin of Souls, Ista commandeered Liss to be her lady-in-waiting and groom during the pilgrimage, citing Liss's youth, energy and courage. When their group spotted a Jokonan raiding party, Ista instructed Liss to raise the countryside and send help. Ista later called her "my most loyal and brave handmaiden", and planned to have her ennobled as Sera Annaliss dy Teneret.

Liss had black hair, was of medium height, and was 18 years old at the time of Paladin of Souls. She was a cheerful companion, capable of suitable conversation but also comfortable in silence. Her riding skills were exceptional.