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Alixtra was a sorceress and assassin, one of the titular Assassins of Thasalon. She was the mother of Kittio and the rider of demon Arra.


Alixtra was born in a small village of Cedonia. She married Kavi, a young man of the same village, and born their only son, Kittio, Shortly afterwards, Kavi and the ship he was on were lost. Without his support, she fell into poverty.

To make ends meet, she took a job as a maid at Minister Methani's mansion in Thalason. There, Methani and Learned Tronio noticed her, and realized that she would make the perfect pawn for their magical assassination scheme: she was strong-willed enough to control a demon, but her love of Kittio gave them an easy way of controlling her; she was ignorant of demons and wouldn't understand how much power she could wield; plus, she was new to the city and had no one she could turn to for help.

Using a combination of bribes and threats, they convinced her to perform three demonic killings:

  • First, Minister Hethel, a prisoner imprisoned on false charges, the night before his release;
  • Second, Minister Fasso, Prefect of Imperial Shipbuilding;
  • Last, Prince Ragar, Methani's co-regent.

Each time, she was given a new demon and then forced to use it to kill one of their enemies in a way that was undetectable by the non-Sighted. Each time, the gods reached through the portal created by the death and stripped her of her demon, but Tronio simply gave her a new one for the next time.

For her fourth killing, she was given a demon from a weasel and told to travel to Vilnoc to kill Adelis Arisaydia, on pain of Kittio being mutilated and sold as a slave. Fortunately, Penric was nearby when she tried to kill Adelis, and was able to block her attempt.


Alixtra's appearance was normal for her birthplace of Cedonia: dark hair and eyes and light bronze skin.


  • The Assassins of Thasalon