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Adelis (pronounced Ari-SAY-dia) was a talented army general of Cedonia and later Orbas.


Adelis was born to the Old General Arisaydia's first wife, Lady Florina. He was born on the same day as Nikys was born to the General's second wife, Idrene, and so Nikys and Adelis have always considered themselves twins. His father died when he was a teen; he and Nikys were jointly raised by Idrene and Lady Florina; both Nikys and Adelis consider both Idrene and Lady Florina their mother.

Before the events of Penric's Mission, he had several successful military campaigns, especially against the Rusylli. His successes, popularity with his men, and the general dissatisfaction in the army with the current government made some in the government, particularly Minister Methani, worry he would try a coup. They planted false evidence that Adelis was planning to defect to Adria in order to accuse him of treason and justify blinding him. Ironically, Adelis, aware of the danger, had actually been planning to defect to Orbas shortly before his blinding.

After Penric repaired his sight, his eyes became garnet and his upper face heavily scarred, giving him a disturbing appearance. This was actually an asset for his military career, as many enemies seemed supernaturally terrified of him and his men seemed to regard him as more-than-human.

Though he was initially wary of her, in later books he got along well with Desdemona, as both had a certain bloody-minded practicality. Unlike Penric, who had moral qualms about things, both Adelis and Desdemona tended to prefer the most efficient method of reaching their goals. For instance, Adelis was perfectly willing to kill people who threatened him, while Penric would try to reform them.

Like many successful generals, Adelis was fanatical about planning and logistics. He always sought to know as much as possible about the terrain he would be fighting on, and, when possible, he could spend days drawing up contingency plans for any scenario he can imagine before going into a fight.

As of the end of Assassins, he was married to Lady Tanar Xarre.