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• 7/8/2015

Penric's Demon

What do you think? Cedonia == Roman Empire, Cedonian == Latin?

I think I'll wait on putting a plot summary up for a bit (even if I weren't behind on the others anyway) on the grounds of delaying spoilers, but it's a fun tale. Feels more like the start of a tale than a full one, though - figure we can hope for sequels?

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• 7/10/2015

That's definitely the feeling I got. I'm going to reread over the weekend for details like that.

Unless anyone else wants to, I was planning on updating "Weald" for all the new place names, and probably will do "Wealdeans" at the same time.

• 7/13/2015

Lois confirmed on Goodreads that Penric's Demon takes place in the Cantons, so I'm going to update that topic accordingly. From her response to me, I don't get the feeling that the people of the region identify with the 'country' but rather with their specific region. Thus I don't know what to call the people of the area, and didn't want to tempt my luck by pestering Lois again!


• 7/14/2015

I'll figure that for good enough! :)

I'd probably just say "Cantoner", though a not-nice part of my mind is trying to say "Cantonese" (a dialect of Chinese)... Wealdean isn't totally wrong, from the looks of things in the story, but I want to make the distinction as best I can, so "Cantoner"... Unless someone has a better name.

I think she finds literalists frustrating. I'm not sure I want to explain that wikias are written by people who want to get everything just so, and so they ask all kinds of OCD questions. Even though they know that the connections are loose and not exact.

I was waiting until the tale was out for a bit before putting up spoilery material, but I think this is a good point to begin at least the easier things (like Cantons, and some locations, and biographies, and a fuller explanation of demons, and so forth).

• 7/14/2015

Cantonians? I agree that Cantonese is the first thing that comes to mind, but that has all the wrong associations alas. 

I'm going to do articles on Martinsbridge, Castle Martenden (since its pictured on the cover), and the Cedonian Empire (time-wise, it doesn't fit Greece either so I'm going to leave background a blank until Lois makes a comment), I think that'll do then for places.

• 7/14/2015

Cedonian empire feels very much like Alexander the Great, who was a Ma-cedonian Greek. Fell apart in similar manner and everything.

I think I like Cantonians better than Cantoners. I suspect overall that their lack of cohesive government means that there won't be much need for the overarching term - mostly just in identifying people from there. (Except for the name of a big container article of people from the Cantons. I guess Cantonians will go there...)

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