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• 6/29/2015

Bloodfield page

I sort of stopped on the Bloodfield page, and would like feedback (or other editors) before going on.  The last bits I thought about adding are in the last section (which might need a better title):

1. why Horseriver set the geas and binding on Ingrey to keep Ijada's death from opening Bloodfield to the gods

2. perhaps carrying the description through how Horseriver's plot failed...but that might be better in the plot summary.

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• 6/30/2015

I think it's reasonably complete as-is, actually. I might change my mind about the geas and binding, but I think the plot summary is in fact the right place for describing how his plot failed.

• 7/1/2015

Cool!  Also in the mix is the page I did for Wencel last night--feel free to move bits around, delete, rewrite, etc. between these and the plot summary.

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