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• 6/28/2015

Pages in work

Not to discourage anyone who is ready to do a page, but I have notes pulled out to do Biast and Fritine, and will tackle those after finishing Bloodfield if they're still showing as wanted (and after my grocery/errand run).

I haven't begun on Horseriver or Ingalef.

Ingrey's page needs work to be considered done.

But hey, it's all looking great!

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• 7/5/2015

It really is. I consider you the Hallowed Hunt expert and I'm only working around the edges - specific things like geography that I can do a quick search on. I'm wondering if we shouldn't have an article on spirit animals to expand on what is said in the Forest magics topic - I think there's enough to say about them in general and specifically those of Ingrey and Horseriver.

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